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about us

Hangzhou Repugene Technology Co., Ltd.  is a high-tech advanced biomedical research and development enterprise with the team of Dr. Haigui.

Company Profile

       The PEAC liquid biopsy technology independently developed by Ripgen can detect a small amount of ctDNA gene mutations from patient plasma to guide clinical precision medication, dynamic monitoring and early diagnosis. At the same time, NGS-based single-cell sequencing technology has been established, which can perform independent sequencing analysis on up to tens of thousands of cells at one time, and has important application value in clinical diagnosis and scientific research. In addition, Ripgen's original algorithm can assess the disease risk of healthy people and apply it to the health check-up gene test. This can make suggestions for the customer's living habits and realize the ideal of the ancient people's "treatment without treatment".
       Our vision is to bring health and precision medicine into the public! Committed to the clinical data through its own accumulation, serving the clinic, promoting clinical transformation, and becoming a bridge between clinical treatment and new drug development.

Hangzhou Repugene Technology Co., Ltd.

       Continuously transforming cutting-edge life science technology into multiple directions, including the world's cutting-edge technology platform, industry-leading diversified expert team, and independent research and development core technologies covering clinical precision diagnosis of tumors, genetic screening of health checkups, and gene sequencing data management. Clinically effective treatment and testing methods to provide accurate medical services to cancer patients and healthy people.
       The Rip gene is the first demonstration center for the application of genetic testing technology approved by the National Development and Reform Commission. It has also obtained the qualification of the medical laboratory accredited by the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the qualification of the PCR laboratory certified by the Zhejiang Provincial Procuratorate. A number of genetic testing room quality assessments by the Ministry of Health.

Vision Culture

Our vision - to bring precision health care to the public

Since January 20, 2015, after President Obama’s State of the Union address put forward the “Precision Medicine Plan”, “Precision Medical Care” has become a hot topic covering the whole world, and the market for the medical health industry has been surging. The so-called precision medicine is to understand the correlation between gene sequence and disease occurrence, development, treatment and prognosis through gene sequencing and big data analysis, so as to achieve personalized treatment and prevention.

Let everyone enjoy the benefits of precision medicine

The traditional Chinese medicine classic "Yellow Emperor's Internal Classic" puts forward that "the upper work is not cured", modern medicine is also paying more and more attention to disease prevention and early detection and early treatment, and Rip's precision health care will make this idea possible. Let everyone enjoy the benefits of precision medicine.

REPU interpretation

R-Reliable Reliable, first-class technology, first-class hardware, and the most realistic and reliable experimental analysis data
E-Efficient efficiency is at its best. Complete all inspection and analysis in the shortest time
P-Precise can accurately and accurately interpret each individual in each project.
U-Unique's unique technology continues to challenge the unknown sciences that others can't reach.

Strong technical force constantly challenges to explore
It is difficult for others to reach the unknown scientific field that is daunting



Ms. Lou Shengqiong
Ms. Lou Shengqiong
Founder of the company, general manager of Rip Gene;
Vice President of Zhejiang Women Entrepreneurs Association;
Executive President of Hangzhou Women Entrepreneurs Association;
Senior investment manager;
Successfully established and managed the Great Wall International Restaurant Chain Group;
Invested in a number of domestic enterprises, covering biomedicine, information security and other fields, its investment in Beida Pharmaceuticals was successfully listed on the Shenzhen GEM in 2016.
Dr. Ding Liming
Dr. Ding Liming
Founder of the company, senior consultant of Rip Gene;
NPC deputies, famous returnees scholars, national “Thousand Talents Program” experts, leading figures in Chinese pharmaceutical innovation, and also winners of the National Progress Award;
Fully leading Beida Pharmaceutical to complete the listing of “Kemena”, a molecular target drug for lung cancer with completely independent intellectual property rights, to break the monopoly of foreign products in this field;
Investment holding Xcovery, Kananji Medicine, Medical Kono Bio, Beida Anjin and other pharmaceutical companies.
Wang Tao, Director of Digital Health
Wang Tao, Director of Digital Health
He graduated from the Department of Computer Science at Peking University with a Ph.D. in Bioinformatics from Peking University and a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California, San Diego.
Dr. Lin Rui, Director of Gene Sequencing
Dr. Lin Rui, Director of Gene Sequencing
Doctor of Biomedical Sciences, University of Hawaii, USA
Postdoctoral fellow at the Scripps Research Institute
Has provided CRO services to many of the world's top pharmaceutical companies
Discover new tumor marker genes
Create a new high-sensitivity second-generation sequencing method
Market Operations Consultant Mr. Wan Jiang
Market Operations Consultant Mr. Wan Jiang
Market operations consultant
Mr. Wan Jiang
Senior Vice President of Beida Pharmaceutical;
Bachelor of Clinical Medicine, Capital Medical University;
Chief Clinical Medicine Consultant Professor Wang Yi
Chief Clinical Medicine Consultant Professor Wang Yi
Chief clinical medical consultant
Professor Wang Yi
Double Ph.D. in Medicine and Molecular Biology, Arkansas School of Medicine, USA

Company Qualification

Technology Platform

Ripple has the world's top genetic testing platform, HiseqX-Ten, Hiseq 4000, MiniSeq and the world's leading bioinformatics big data analysis platform, as well as a 3000 square meter high standard high quality PCR laboratory.

Ripgen has established project cooperation relationships with many top hospitals and universities in China. The research areas include: joint drug research, molecular mechanism of tumor staging, comparative genomics research in early and late patients, and pharmacodynamic mechanism research. At the same time, it has also established cooperation with many pharmaceutical companies such as Beida Pharmaceutical to assist Beida Pharmaceutical in screening tumor markers, clinical trials, drug efficacy tracking and accompanying diagnosis. Established the “Wen Yi Da-Pharmacogenomics Research Institute” with Wenzhou Medical University and carried out strategic cooperation with the Zhejiang Lung Cancer Diagnosis and Treatment Technology Research Center.